• From 1/5-1/11/2011 wrote a Predoctoral “Glazed lightweight building components” from the Centre for Design Research at the Royal Academy School of Architecture, attached to Institute 4/advisers Anders Brix & Anders Abraham.
• In 2013, received a grant from Aase and Ejnar Danielsen’s Foundation to further develop the project.
• In 2014, received a grant from Merchant LF Foght’s Foundation.
• In 2014, started collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute.
• Received a grant from the National Research and Innovation Agency.
2017 – grant from Research and innovation Fondation, Otto Bruuns Fondation and Realdania
2019 -2021 Mock-up referance wall Realdania

The goal of the project is to optimise and commercialise a new groundbreaking construction product, glazed concrete construction components, and to identify and fill a knowledge gap in the new material technology. The goal is to develop the aesthetic potential of concrete, as well as to identify possible technical challenges/issues by identifying this type of upscaling of facade panels. Large scale glazed concrete surfaces could have a significant bearing on the building’s visual expression with beautiful colour and texture expression, in that it would create an alternative to, for example, divided tile and brick facades. The glazed surfaces are also very durable, wear-resistant and weatherproof.

Why glazed concrete? Large scale glaze treated concrete formwork would run along the entire stretch of the element and would not be divided into bricks, tiles, plaques and grouting as it usually is. In other words, it will form larger elements and thereby affect the visual expression.
This development project will help to develop new concrete aesthetics and put it in a contemporary context.

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Arbejdsdokument Præ.doc Glaserede letvægts byggekomponenter fra Arkitektskolen 2011 (in danish)