Arkitekt/designer Vibeke Rytter

The Ornament series has a beautifully simple language that reflects in the present day where digital design has been the tool for computer-animated design.

The series is classical and has a Danish architectural / sculptural form expression that creates shadow games like rings in the water, or thinking of Grundvig Church’s brick ornamentation or pixeled lego structure. De serier kan sammensættes i forskellige grupper, størrelser og farvekombinationer til at danne en helhed.

An arrangement with multiple sizes of the ornament series gives a beautiful, harmonious, conceptual graphic expression, whether you put single colored or multicolored vases together.

Ornament series is under production – dealer announces when the products are ready for sale!


Ornamentseries Vases

Glass vases

Flower vase

Glass vases

Teardrop-shaped vase 2016

Spherical vase 2016

Bowl with lid 2016