Vibeke Rytters core area is clearly defined by the interest in architecture, design, research / materials, and ceramic works, which also thanks interdisciplinary education and many travels have given her the desire to further develop processes crucial to the finished works expression and designs and research.
As an architect, artist, product designer and researcher Vibeke Rytter received many awards, scholarships and design awards and is represented at many trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad, including at the Design Museum’s permanent collection. She has received several travel and work scholarships from the Danish Arts Foundation, Beckett Foundation and the National Bank’s Jubilee Foundation.She has traveling and studying abroad.

Vibeke Rytter is a graduate of the Danish Design / ceramics & glass 1986-90 and the Royal. Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen 1997-04.
In 2001-02 she was a guest student at the Academy of Art Sculptor School by Professor Morten Strait, – and from 2011- 2017 conducted a research project ‘Glazed lightweight-construction components’ School of Architecture and the Danish Technological Institute.

Vibeke Rider is about eg by innovative design solutions and form expression where new techniques, CNC milling of computer animated product design and glazed concrete targeted points for innovation.

Architectural typologies, displacement and stories
I am preoccupied with taking pictures/photos in motion to form a flow in the images. Based on the drawings/photos and the insertion of fragments with different meanings, small productions and stories are created, located in the area between the object and space. I work from 2D drawings to 3D model representations in ceramic clay sheets that are fired twice combined with computer drawings and photos that are transferred as transfer labels and fired a third time. In some of the works there is work with 3D computer drawings followed by CNC machining. A number of computer-animated ceramic objects with computer pixelated photos are transferred with transfer labels.